Growth hacking transformation in vaccines

Our challenge

Change so often happens in smaller projects, in order to test and measure the impact, before scaling across other areas of the organisation. Our client wanted to utilise an agile methodology to transform digital multichannel campaigns for their vaccines product, and further cascade this methodology into other therapy areas.

They wanted to execute digital in a way that was iterative and allowed for continuous feedback and improvement.


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We started by incorporating the medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) team as part of the core agile team.

Instead of having the MLR team as an external body to review and approve digital assets with little or no visibility and context, we worked hand-in-hand with them to speed up the review and approval process. It was key to this project’s success.

We created a test bed for the National Immunisation Programme by launching the project with MLR and running a series of internal learning sessions on agile and scrum.

For the campaign itself, we geo-localised markets, starting with five clinical commissioning groups, and split tested everything to get to what works faster. This enabled us to scale more rapidly overall and focus only on the assets and key messages delivering value for the client.


Conversions increased from 1.1% to 9.4% over the campaign period, an increase of 758% over three months. During the process, our client qualified as a Scrum Master, and was able to lead other projects in the same agile way. The project entered a phase two, which is still ongoing, in order to target different audience segments.

Continuing to protect the health of the elderly population remains a key goal for our client, and we were delighted to help them transform while reducing the risk of disease in this target group.

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