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Our strategic process

The symptoms

Our ‘general practice’ surgery (office)




You understand the symptoms, and that there is a distance between where you are and where you want to be. We can work with you to articulate the vision and ambition (goals) for the business; clarifying desired outcomes.

Health Plan


Through a combination of consultation, and quantitative and qualitative research understanding the problem- the gap between current and desired state.



Assembling the components of the prescription to address the problem that is envisaged to bridge the gap to healthier outcomes.



Working with you to create the assets and communications to make it happen.



Bridging the gap is not waving a wand, it requires support, effort and focus on the goals.


We are really good at

Delivering better

Accelerating digital

Successful launch to
sustained engagement

Connecting you with
your audiences faster

...and this is how we do it

Realise potential

Leveraging insight to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Enhance experiences

Creating content, assets and ecosystems that deliver value to your customers and your business.

Scientific contentGrowth Driven DesignMarketing messagesDigital brand and story developmentUX & CX

Change behaviour

Programmes designed to drive internal and external behavioural change.

Internal: UpskillingGlobal to localProduction decouplingProcess optimisation
External: Long-term scientific engagementPatient adherence

Create advocacy

Utilising patient and
 healthcare professional experts to move from one-way communications towards two-way conversations.

Engagement strategyMediaKOL activationPatient expertsPeer to peer engagement

Here's a case study

We have some amazing work which we can’t show off due to confidentiality, but take a look at this one.

Realising potential for a high revenue franchise

Our client required a global vision, strategy and plan for multichannel implementation, to help increase market share for its biggest drug.

The challenge was that they needed to build meaningful connections with their healthcare professional audiences in cardiology and other healthcare stakeholders.

Engagement strategyActivationMedia

Trusted advisor

To become a trusted advisor we needed to focus on the whole ecosystem.

Engagement strategyActivationMedia

Mapping stakeholder needs to business needs

After extensive mapping of needs across the cardiology space (healthcare professionals, nurses, medical students, patients, carers etc…), we used an agile process to make continuous improvements, which were measured against a KPI framework.

Engagement strategyActivationMedia

What were the outcomes for the business?

Over the course of our engagement, product sales increased from €2.2bn to €3.3bn.

Engagement strategy

...and for marketing?

The insight we gained from influencer work resulted in a 26% increase in retention rate, and 3 times more visits.


...and for the customer?

Willingness of doctors and patients to recommend our client’s digital products and services (measured through NPS) was increased drastically.


World leading brands trust us

“nitro always look to work with us to drive innovation and creativity forward with technology solutions that help to create better experiences for our users.”

Global pharma brand manager

Our thoughts

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Bridging the execution gap to business transformation using Growth Driven Design

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