Building meaningful connections in cardiovascular

Our challenge

There’s a wealth of trusted online material available to cardiologists. How does a pharma brand position itself as a game changer in this space?

Adding value beyond product information, being seen as unbiased, and enticing busy specialists to interact and engage, that’s a big ask when you don’t fully understand their needs.


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It sounds simple - ask the doctors what they want and give it to them - but it’s exactly what we did, on a grand scale.

We asked them where they went online for information, who they listened to, what events were important, what drove their treatment decisions. We visualised the results to uncover opportunities that aligned to the company’s goals.

Then we replicated this across five different stakeholder groups - cardiology nurses, patients, carers, medical students and other HCPs working with cardiology patients.

It became the foundation for our digital strategy, which was executed as continual improvement for HCPs and the launch of a new patient portal.


Tracking share of voice, site engagement and product revenue, all increased dramatically over the initial six months after launch.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) revealed that both doctors and patients would recommend the site as a trusted source of cardiovascular information.

Return visits increased by 489% to an average of 1,300 unique visitors coming to the site three times or more in a month.

Case Study