Our challenge

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 face-to-face interactions have dropped dramatically, and with worldwide lockdown restrictions in place Physicians saw a 80% drop in patients volume.

Our client, a digital startup, that has developed a clinically proven behaviour change application wanted a way to increase engagement with their audience whilst simultaneously demonstrating their support their vulnerable community during lockdown, in their marketing pilot.

Project info
Reaching and engaging with HCPs and Patients during a pandemic
March - May 2020
Digital Insight
Starting with needs

To drive meaningful engagement, we needed to align with business goals. To achieve success we need to understand the audience.

step 1
Step 1

First, to align with the client’s team to understand what their requirements and goals were, and what success would look like for them.

Step 2

Given their niche audience, researching and understanding the best way to target them was essential.

step 2
step 1
Step 3

Defining an incredibly cost-effective channel mix, selecting the most fit-for-purpose ad formats and creating multiple ad copies/assets to suit the various group within the target audience.

Step 4

Bring the multichannel digital marketing campaign strategy to life with highly targeted audience profiling and precise monitoring, and optimisation to accomplish their goals.

step 2
Path to success

Engaging with a niche audience

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic presented a challenging environment; search volumes for obesity/ bariatric surgery have decreased. Patients are not seeing their doctors attention was diverted to the pandemic. How to turn this scenario into an opportunity?

The path to success requires ways to engage with this niche audience in this very particular time, finding where they are active online, their interests and needs, and identifying the right channels and the best messaging to catch their attention.

Success requires audience multiple audiences, identification of cost-effective channels with optimised messaging, and to learn rapidly due to the circumstances.

Path to success
What we achieved

Results over a four week period

1.7K HCPs and Patients Engaged xx% Increase on traffic to site 357K Times ads were seen xxx Above industry benchmark overall results
Key benefits cited by the client for this project
  1. It enabled engagement with both HCPs and Patients, but also learning for how to improve and scale the communication
  2. It provided support to the community during these rather critical times
  3. We were able to broaden our reach and deepen customer engagement
  4. We developed a foundation for future customer (social + digital) engagement

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