At nitro,
we dream big.

We want a world where people live healthier lives. We’re helping to create a world where we’re all informed about health, where technology is fully actualised and where healthcare is connected and compassionate.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps so that everyone can share in that dream.

How we do it

We do this by providing innovative technology and meaningful communications to deliver a positive impact.

For over 16 years, we have worked with some of the world’s biggest health brands, bringing new treatments to market, raising awareness, improving patient outcomes and enhancing quality of life.

What we do

We align with your objectives, creating meaningful connections with your audience and driving better outcomes. See all the things we can do for you and your customers.

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Meet our team.
Passionate and determinded

Our clients

We’ve helped many of the healthcare
companies in the world.

Astra Zeneca
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bavarian Nordic

Crucially, we see ourselves as part of an ecosystem of expertise in this space

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We are not only happy to accept that we can’t do everything in this ‘digital in health’ space, we’re also committed to being part of a network of formally and informally connected expert parts with a common goal. Where we can bring in the individuals and organisations from around the world, who have been there and done that, to accelerate and enhance our offering, we will do.