Extending the dialogue after congresses

Our challenge

Doctors already engage with peers at congresses, but many who are unable to attend still want to participate in online discussions around new data and treatment information. Those who do attend also want to continue the discussion after the event, and connect with peers to discuss specific treatment paradigms.

Keeping the dialogue going after major congresses can help discover and address unmet medical needs, and continue the peer discussions when they would have normally tapered off.


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We created a space for three oncology experts to drive discussions on treatment topics within a particular type of metastatic cancer.

After aligning with the scientific and compliance teams to understand what success would look like, we developed a platform for peer to peer discussions. Each expert would film themselves talking about their chosen topic. The videos needed to be authentic and unbiased, and the experts would need to engage daily with oncologists over a two week period, answering questions and responding to comments.

The congress was utilised to promote the discussion, which was planned to start two weeks after, and be open for two weeks. Above market and local market activities supported participation in the discussion (which took place behind log-ins to maintain privacy and security). A catchy website name ensured specialists could find and remember the discussion, and notifications were sent via email and social media once the discussion was live.


71 countries opted to participate in the discussion and 1,246 oncologists participated. Out of those, 160 actively participated in discussions and many more took part in surveys and other points of engagement, which helped to identify unmet medical needs.

More importantly, we developed a foundation for further digital + social engagement with HCPs.

Case Study