Creating a central point of truth for congress content

Our challenge

There is so much material available from pharmaceutical companies during and after congresses. It can sit on various platforms - society websites, third-party publisher sites, corporate pharma sites.

How can you provide a central point of truth for scientific information in a compliant way? How do you provide a good user experience for HCPs after the conference so they can find materials in a number of ways?


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Our initial work in the event space was creating an online experience for ESMO 2016, when the client was presenting key data to support an important new launch in oncology.

The success of this platform plus promotion highlighted the internal need for a more permanent solution for all congress content. The project was initiated by the head of digital excellence, but the first piece of work was actually a compliance workstream, which looked at the existing assets being used by HCPs to find and use congress data and scientific information.

Once a solution was agreed, we worked in parallel with IT and compliance to create a global platform which would cross therapy areas to provide posters, oral presentations and videos from each conference alongside disease education.


The Medically site went live in September 2017, less than one year after the ESMO conference that highlighted the need for a global scientific hub for congress content.

Following that launch, additional therapy area content streams were added, user testing was done with multiple HCP stakeholders, and user experience was improved.

The site is now largely operational and managed internally, with some conference content being provided by a third party publisher group.

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