Bridging the gap to healthier citizens

The challenge

The Ministry of Health is introducing new services in order to deliver better care and better health to the people of one of the EMEA countries. As part of the Transformation Strategy these services are designed to do 3 things:

  • keep citizens well
  • get them well again when they get sick
  • treat them and their families well throughout the whole experience

Our challenge was to create a robust rationale, approach, and creative to increase staff and citizen understanding, buy-in and engagement for the successful rollout and implementation of the new Model of Care.


Digital Insight
Strategic Advisory
HCP Activation


We created the strategic narrative that is a foundation that communication leaders can build their own story on.

Our solution would need to be based on robust insight generated from the citizenry and the healthcare workers within the nation.

The process has been started with the assimilation of other externally focused materials and a series of workshops with government, clinical and patient focus groups. Our goal was to understand what are the challenges, fears and motivations of the healthcare workers.


The narrative has been developed with the benefit of deep insight acquired through primary and secondary research, with key ideas co-created in workshops, and the final theme and content tested with focus groups and key senior stakeholders. In addition to the core creative delivery of the ‘strategic narrative’, the communication leaders received a set of additional tools within the 'Playbook' to guide their communication coherently and consistently.

The 'Playbook' includes the rationale behind the narrative, how it connects to the messaging house and strategic pillars, together with an action plan to bring it all to life. Illustrated with creative samples and guidance for how and when to implement the communications across the most effective physical and virtual communication channels, its purpose is to support the leaders incorporate the strategic narrative and its key messages into regular communications to reach and engage their workforce to embed the new Model of Care.

Case Study