Bridging the gap to healthier citizens

Our challenge

The Ministry of Health of an EMEA country is introducing new services in order to deliver better care and better health to their citizens.

Nitro has been tasked with developing a strategic narrative that will communicate the transformation taking place in such a way that it inspires and motivates the Ministry of Health workforce community.


Digital Insight
Strategic Advisory
HCP Activation


We created the strategic narrative that is a foundation that communication leaders can build their own story on.

To build the narrative we first had to understand how the transformation was impacting the workforce. What are the challenges, how do they feel, what are their fears, their motivations, what do they want to see from the narrative? From this insight, core themes were identified to shape the story the workforce needs to hear.

The strategic narrative was developed in two languages English and Arabic to support both citizens as well as ex-pats working for the Ministry of Health.


The narrative has been tested with several individuals and test groups. In addition to the strategic narrative, the communication leaders are receiving a set of additional tools to build their communication in the best possible way.

Additionally, the playbook with creative samples implemented for the most popular communication channels in the country will help the leaders to incorporate the strategic narrative and key messages into communications with their workforce.

Case Study