After already having come to Nitro Digital for work experience before university, I knew I would be returning to an energetic, fast-paced environment where there is a lot to learn and do. So with an open mind, a great deal of excitement, and an English degree I came back to the digital marketing world once more!

I am very interested in an industry that is constantly expanding and developing, as there is always something new to do or learn. As the 21st century develops, so too does the dominance and prevalence of the media and technology in our everyday lives. This makes the combination, of media with advertising and marketing, one of huge importance with various contributing factors of importance.

On my first couple of days I was sourcing photos for Nitro’s clients’ websites and campaigns, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, and learnt a lot about the creative process behind marketing a brand. I also participated in a pre-pitch meeting, where preparation for marketing to prospective clients takes place. The discussion of ‘mood boards’ and various presentation strategy for online design possibilities was extremely interesting and I was able to contribute my opinion on the layout of the presentation.

Knowing that I was interested in Pinterest, Vicki set me up with broadening Nitro Digital’s social media platforms by creating a Nitro Pinterest board with relevant health infographics. Vicki also allowed me to utilize my keen interest in writing by writing a small piece for Nitro on wearable health technology. Through researching various stories and articles on the topic, the focus of my own article became evident, as I noticed the inquisitive opinions on the ‘fashionable’ dynamics of technology when it becomes part of our aesthetic appearance.

On Thursday I got the opportunity to attend the ‘Internet World’ Expo, part of London Technology week. It was an entirely new world for me and it was extremely informative, as well as lots of fun! It was filled with innovative ideas, aiming to expand digital marketing potential further and the scope and power of the industry continued to surprise me – there really is no stopping, or escaping, digital media!

I thoroughly enjoyed working in such a nice environment with such a great team and returning for more experience in an industry such as this, which is constantly changing and expanding, is far from futile. I really enjoyed partaking in the different aspects of the industry, and particularly enjoyed applying them to my own interests and skills in writing and research.