Last month Nitro’s David Clare attended Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference, which brought together industry leaders to share their thoughts, best practices and challenges in using social media.

We all know social media is a powerful tool, both for listening to the conversation, engaging with it and even starting your own. With user profiles so detailed, social media is a powerful tool in zeroing in on your target audience.While the event reminded us of this, it is clear there is plenty more that can be done in the pharma industry. Naturally, there are barriers that no other market faces, but as the conference showed, those who do social media see great benefits and results.

A recurring example of this was Boehringer Ingelheim, who received a big pat on the back at the conference for our work with them on the Hypertension Hub, along with their social media strategy in showcasing ‘the future just happened’ health technology.

Not only have they grown a large audience through their strategy, but they were brought up again and again as a best practice case study by the conference speakers.

The conference also highlighted that communication by social media also has an effect on how people interact with a brand online. With nearly 50% of people accessing Facebook on their mobile phone, and over 75% doing so on Twitter, it is more important than ever that websites and online platforms work across screens of all sizes.

Pharma and Social Media

Clearly, social media goes far beyond a Facebook Page and a few tweets. As it becomes a way of life for people globally, pharmaceuticals need to think about the way this impacts their brand, and how people interact with brand too.

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