ULTRA Health Technologies has officially landed in New York, and we’re very excited about our expansion into the US market.

The office is an amazing space, located at 568 Broadway, in the heart of Soho (known for its great shopping and celebrity-spotting) and has been described by Jules and Martina as “very eclectic and original with that true agency ambiance of creativity and collaboration.”

Our US account director Martina Campbell joined ULTRA Health Technologies in 2013 and her focus is on the promotion, management, and establishment of the ULTRA suite of tools and services to clients in the US.

Being in the US means that Martina will be able to represent the brand at networking events, not to mention collaborating with key health groups and agencies to solidify relationships with the expectation of acquiring new clients and gaining valuable insight on the latest trends, innovations and requests within the US digital health sector.

Martina will be an active participant within the Nitro Digital team, attending meetings via Google Hangout to maintain the same great company culture that exists in the UK over in the US. She is the physical presence of our company at key stakeholder meetings, indicating our on-going dedication and commitment to our clients. She will be able to provide local market knowledge to support project execution and management decision making.

ULTRA stands for ‘UnLeash The Right Advocates’ and provides our clients with the ability to leverage their best in class drugs, real world data and networks of healthcare professionals, advocacy groups and life sciences professionals to find their competitive advantage.

Find out more at www.ultrahealthtech.com