Christmas means many things to many people; a time for family, thinking of others, (excess at the Christmas parties!) and giving and receiving gifts. While most businesses wind down in December, from an entrepreneurial point of view, it’s still an important time for the business. Not least because the last quarter of any year always seems to be a mad frenzy of delivery and planning for year ahead. As a starting point for this message, I wanted to publicly thank all our team members and our clients who have worked together, so hard to get stuff done this year. 2014 has not always been an easy year, but I’ve seen some incredible individual contributions, creativity, leadership and decision making, and I wanted to acknowledge how humbled I am by all the people I work with on a daily basis.

Christmas is also a time for reflection – what has been and what is to come. Over the course of the year we’ve opened a new branch in the US, moved to our new engineering centre in the Poland, re-built our project management processes around Agile, opened up operations in Denmark and continued to move from being a solely UK/EU based company, to becoming truly global with projects delivered for clients in Mexico, China, Germany, India and the USA to name but a few. Sometimes it feels as if we are the global, medium sized business that the HSBC advert is talking about.

But we can do more, and I believe that the seeds of our 2015 successes are laid, and will grow, in the proverbial digital flower bed of 2014. We’ve made huge progress on our R&D efforts particularly with our HCP social media solutions – Ultra Buzz and Caduceus – and our real world outcomes of HCP/Patient engagement and collaboration service Ultra Cloud, not forgetting to mention our expanding partnership with Veeva.

So what’s in store for Nitro for 2015? First and foremost, a continued expression of our company values, in everything we do, by living the Lean Start Up methodology and delivering value to our clients and furthermore ourselves.

Second, combining that with continued investments in our R&D efforts around our Ultra and Caduceus product ranges.

Third, the shift in traffic from desktop to mobile and from App to mobile web will impact every product developed or client asset created. 2015 will be the year where social acquisition becomes accepted as a volume channel alongside search. I find this opportunity particularly exciting. Attribution in social is tough and relative ROI compared to search seldom stacks up on the surface, but the evolution of custom audience technologies and the relatively expensive media available across traditional publisher networks premium traffic means that demand in this area will need the development of technologies and marketing strategies that deliver qualified traffic from regulated industries, and I believe we can deliver that.

Fourth, no man is an island. The strength of global enterprise dissipates because they build smaller, isolated digital assets (islands) and in 2015 I believe this realisation will come home to roost. They will have to look at their digital footprint in a larger sense by combining the positive benefits that digital has to offer (more effective SEO, infrastructure, analytic and media buying strategies) with the kind of intrapreneurialism that enables local creative success and market adaptation. The audits of digital infrastructure we ran for clients in 2014 almost follow the same pattern; lots of sites, little traffic except on a few (sub 5%) and poor visibility or UX focus. Wouldn’t it be good for everyone if we concentrated our efforts in 2015, most enterprises are, after all, naturally positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital.

So that’s me off my soap box. Once again a huge thank you to everyone who I’ve worked with this year across all our ventures. It’s been a year for breaking records but let’s smash them together in 2015.