In the wake of a busy week of events focused around change and action such as the Climate Summit and the 69th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Mashable took the charge on bringing together innovators and change-makers at the 92Y to talk about how to positively impart change on the world by 2030.

Technology Driving Active Change

A 2-day conference, the Mashable Social Good Summit brought together activists, politicians, artists and entrepreneurs to discuss what progress has been made so far and what the critical roadblocks need to be tackled for future success. Notably, technology has been the most active participant in facilitating the progress and bridging the world. All presentations gave a nod to the fact that it is through innovation in the digital sector that as the catalyst to make a lot of the vision successful.

The conference showcased the global activism through video chats with local meet-ups throughout Europe, Africa and Central America. Individuals from various countries highlighted their local conflicts from corruption to education access and how they are developing solutions to tackle their country’s problems together. Individuals that weren’t able to attend the conference could do so could watch through Livestream in 7 different languages.


Translations in Action

It was great having the opportunity to be in the audience listening to some very hard-working and motivational presenters who are eagerly embracing making the world a better place. Very early on in day 2 we were shown the output of hundreds of activists across the world participating in a video segment that was developed overnight from day 1 of the conference on the topic of “What kind of world do you want to live in by 2030?”

Also, directly following the conference was a great synopsis of note-worthy quotes posted by Mashable.


SGS bag and day 2 presentations

What Next?

The conference topic and presenters were top-notch but the engagement of the audience was a bit lackluster. The hashtag for the conference #2030NOW was promoted consistently but everyone being in one room together created a lot of movement in-between speakers and there wasn’t really an actionable task (or tasks), nor a great way to remember all of the different URLs and campaigns from the various speakers during the course of the day. Some information was posted on the website but I half-expected a call-to-arms on the agenda items and a better sense of what we can do today other than seek it ourselves. Volunteering, donating, etc. wasn’t really discussed.

You will have to seek out the opportunities yourself. Independent pursuit of a better tomorrow is the message of the presenters and the theme of the conference; time to follow suit.