In September this year I started a three month internship as a Digital Content Writer with Nitro Digital. I’m writing this in my final week (sob!) and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it justice in the confines of a blog post, but here goes…

Backstage access

I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did during my time at Nitro, and I think it’s rare that an intern gets to do as much as I did, and with as much support as I received.  I worked on numerous projects, from internal tasks to big budget external campaigns, all the while experiencing professional life in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

In the digital world so much goes on behind the scenes that you just don’t get to see unless you’re there in the middle of it. It’s made me really appreciate the amount of work that goes into the websites I casually scroll through, the apps I take for granted and the marketing campaigns I’ve idly admired. We’re so used to these things working as they should that we don’t consider the effort that’s gone into doing just that, and it’s teams like Nitro Digital we have to thank for it.

With Nitro operating in such a fast-growing and enterprising industry, there was never a dull moment. The digital world is constantly developing, seamlessly becoming commonplace in our everyday lives – hence keeping the team at Nitro very busy! Keeping on top of the latest health and tech developments was near impossible, thanks to the sheer amount of incredible stuff going on, but also exciting and very interesting. Writing about them was an added bonus!

Shakespeare wins

In my position as Digital Content Writer I learnt so many skills, like how to write for different audiences, how to edit and subedit, how to write for social media and track the analytics, and tons more. Researching healthtech became part of my daily routine, and new tasks were thrown at me every day. Although some of the more business-focused work was initially challenging, I could appreciate how useful it was for me to pick up on (which I eventually did!)

From my internship I’ll take away not only a great new skillset but a thirst for all things tech and health-orientated. The leaps being made in the industry really are huge and I’m keen to see what the future holds.

However, I do want to point out that even in this tech-savvy world, the written word is as important as ever. Being a writer, you may say I’m biased, but it’s true. Communication in this industry is key. And all communication, even spoken, first has to be put down on paper. Look around you. How many marketing and advertising campaigns would be rendered questionable, if not useless, without the syntax holding them together? And it’s not like those catchy phrases are accidents – again, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Hence my time at Nitro made me appreciate the beauty of writing even more than I did before.

I’m not a barista

All in all, it was incredibly valuable to experience life in a busy agency, and just from being in the office I picked up on so much stuff I wasn’t even working on (not all of it went over my head – yay!) I was put to work on important projects and felt like I was a real asset to the team. Let’s just say it wasn’t your typical making-the-coffee internship!