Tuesday 29 September 2020,
by Andy Stafford

nitro is launching a digital health series featuring healthcare professionals. 


2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us, but now more than ever, we are concerned about our health in its direct and attendant forms, leaving us more determined to take care of ourselves and each other. 


As the world continues to navigate through the epidemic, with huge differences between how effective nations have been in coping, we want to understand better how healthcare professionals have adapted their working practices to cope better across Europe.  Digital healthcare is an increasingly relevant topic. Have healthcare professionals embraced digital, or is it a necessary evil, or has it been overlooked entirely? They have been very busy and their opinion perhaps underrepresented in the coverage so far. 


We want to know what they think, so we decided to connect with healthcare professionals and ask them directly. After some initial conversations, we decided to launch a short video series talking to people from the industry to get their unique perspectives - how do they see the potential for an increasing role of digital in helping to improve health outcomes?  


In this initial set of videos, we will be talking to oncologists, cardiologists, and endocrinologists, who together treat some of the most important health challenges faced by people and their societies today.  We also aim to talk to the technologists and understand how their digital interventions can help target populations. Can we help to bridge the gap between clinicians and technologists, to help to map a way forward? 


nitro’s purpose as a business is to bridge the gap to better lives. We accomplish this by working collaboratively with those who provide the interventions and those that deliver and benefit from them. 


Check out the first episode of a series with a retired cardiologist Dr Gheorghe Pop!



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