Tuesday 15 November 2022,
by Andy Stafford

Big pharmaceutical companies are resistant to (marketing) change.


But then, all big companies are. Unlike startups that thrive on change, and the opportunities that open up to them, established companies depend on stability, and incremental change, not talk of #web3 #metaverse #blockchain and #ai technologies, which all seem very nice, but impractical, or even irrelevant to you. 


It makes sense, especially for pharma; taking a candidate molecule from lab discovery to the pills in our bathroom or hospital CD cabinets can take many years. That demands continuity and a sense of business as usual which is replicated across the business to ensure products are commercialised effectively.  


But as #digital becomes evermore prevalent in #healthcare, there are ways to embrace it to enhance business and marketing effectiveness. Start by focusing on the the main challenges and problems, and consider what good solutions would look like and then how existing but perhaps also emerging technologies could improve communications with your customer’s, patients, payers along with the other stakeholder groups.  


Consider the work that is being done with blockchain in clinical trials, VR to educate practioners, and treat patients leveraging and/or aqiuiring #digitalbiomarkers, and the promise of the metaverse for treating your #digitaltwin. The metaverse is not just somewhere where your pre-teen kids go to play, we’ll all be there soon enough. 


COVID has disrupted communication with #hcps and #patients and accelerated digital for ‘good’. There is no going back now, so when communicating with your audiences, meet them where they are, embracing a user-centred digital approach- test, learn, and add value and build relationships and trust using digital channels. 


From strategy through to implementation in order to reach and engage your audiences online, working with big pharma through to emerging forces to be reckoned with, we have over 18 years of experience, and we’re here to help you to help others.   


18 years ago some were still wondering if web2 was a thing.  In some ways all of these terms can be considered marketing buzz terms, but they do present a definite shift in thinking, and in what is actually happening. It’s not unlike the punctuated equilibrium that happens in nature every now and again; slow, slow, slow, QUICK.  


Whether its web2.0 or web3.0 we’ve always been interested in engaging users and helping to build community online, so get in touch with us now.

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