Last week Nitro Digital attended ‘Digital Pharma Advances’ #pharmaconf to talk about Game Mechanics in healthcare and specifically around the topic of ‘adherence’. Entitled, ‘The Future of Healthcare will be Fun’ my central position is that game mechanics as a core component of digital tracking can help facilitate behaviour change in the long term. It’s pharma’s last blockbuster and well worth everyone’s consideration.

After a slightly false start (where the projector flatly refused to project my slides -not awkward) I really enjoyed talking, and certainly from my perspective, the audience certainly seemed to open to the ideas i wanted to share.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide play computer games, and it’s becoming more and more mobile. Why can’t we leverage all that intrinsic motivation for actual physical benefit? As long as we don’t focus the patient on the illness, but on goals and moving forward, by utilising the reward mechanics within a story that connects people we’re moving along the right tracks.

I’m going to evolve the talk and do it again in the future, and have even established a hashtag as a platform for future discussion. Of course, there are many like it, but this is mine; #hcfun

It’s a fascinating topic and I’m always happy to chat about it. If you would like to know more or just fancy a discussion around this topic please pick up the phone, email, LI or Tweet me 😉