Charity Cookie

As a digital agency focused on improving health, we’re always interested in creating and scaling innovation that might be able to support better outcomes wherever possible.

Would you like to;

Use the opportunity to demonstrate your respect for your visitors' data privacy to also communicate your support for a charity or cause which is close to your organisation’s hearts?

This is our charity cookie idea.

We initially tested our ‘charity cookie’ idea with ‘MIND’, a mental health charity during COVID because of the considerable mental health burden that was placed upon people during the pandemic, due to both physical isolation and financial risk that was incurred.

In our test we raised £103.25 for the charity. It’s not a lot, but our website, like our business, is B2B so the traffic to us is not huge. That said, over 2000 people noticed the ‘charity cookie’ and agreed to accept it, and I guess, maybe bought into the idea, a little bit?

As the pandemic has become endemic, the world’s attention now turns its attention to the devastation being wreaked in the Ukraine. If we can help in any way, we would like to.

Perhaps you would like to help in a similar manner too, to communicate your support for all of those who have been affected? Please get in touch with me at if you believe that you could utilise this tool?

We don’t want to make any money from the donations, we just want to do our bit, especially in this moment for Ukraine. Give us a call, or email us for support setting it up.

Also, if you’re a legal expert in data privacy, GDPR, and cookies, and the like, please get in touch to help us iron out any wrinkles here to make sure that we do the right thing.

Andy, and the nitro team.