Hello! It’s been a while since we last wrote but only because we’ve been very busy with some exciting new developments. We are brighter and busier than ever with the opening of a new office in Canada, the hiring of even more A-players to our global team and a successful launch of a great new product for our client. We thought now was a good time to tell you all about it and explain why we think that 2016 might just be our biggest year yet…

Nitro Canada
BrightLane Toronto

We are pleased to officially announce the opening of a new branch in Toronto, Canada.

Over the past two years, the company has spent a considerable amount of our energy demonstrating that we are are a global service digital agency since opening our New York office. Key clients in the North Americas have had the opportunity to deal with us in their own time zone and benefit from our global network of digital experts. The opening of the Toronto office is an extension of that hard work as we aim to better service our clients in Canada and New York.

The office will be headed up by Rachel Dolan, a new recruit to the company but who really understands our client base and requirements having served in pharmaceutical-based digital marketing for several years whilst at Hogarth. We are excited that Rachel has joined us to help open up an exciting market for Nitro. Our office will be based in downtown Toronto on King Street West as part of the BrightLane shared working space community.

Nitro’s Managing Director Jules Pancholi added:  “Small first steps lead to great journeys and I look forward to the day when Nitro Toronto is a thriving hub in our global network, serving clients from Sydney to California via China and Brazil and where talented team members can thrive under Rachel’s leadership and commitment to adding value to our clients.”



Last week Nitro Digital was mentioned in the Boehringer Ingelheim Italian press release for the launch of Buscopan.it website.They reported:

www.buscopan.it is now online, an interactive window, dedicated to a historic brand that by more than half a century, in Italy and in many countries around the world it’s synonymous of efficacy and safety. This is the portal of information and education, commissioned by Boehringer Ingelheim and developed by the digital marketing agency Nitro Digital.”

This is another exciting project for Nitro Digital and demonstrates our multi-language, global capabilities in deploying great looking and well-built digital solutions.

Nitro Presents…

Last week our Commercial Director Andy Stafford attended the 4th annual Digital Pharma Advances conference with 21 pharma brand speakers including GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Sanofi and UCB.


He presented to the crowds with his ‘Use Social Stupid’ message, promoting the value of using social content correctly. Then was back on day two to to take a workshop with the team from Veeva.

If you’d like to chat about your social needs with Andy, get in touch here.

We’re Growing!

Nitro would also like to say welcome to our many new recruits. Over the past few months we have been on a mission to hire talented individuals to help Nitro grow our worldwide operations and so lucky to be able to welcome:

Jameel Anwar as Senior Account Director, London
Rachel Dolan as Engagement Manager (North America), Canada
Pedro Santos as Project Manager, London
Maria Ticca as Account Manager, Sardinia
Graham Head as Program Manager, London
Corin Baird as Content Manager, London
Tom Roscoe as Designer, London
Ayako Jitsukawa as Engagement Manager (Japan), London
Adam Wilson as Project Manager, New York
Michał Drobnik as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Edyta Gałek as Project Manager, Kielce
Adrianna Garbat as QA Tester, Kielce
Dawid Hen as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Arek Kozieł as Project Manager, Kielce
Mateusz Litarowicz as Designer, Kielce
Łukasz Wiśniewski as QA Tester, Kielce
Mariusz Wiśniewski as Developer, Kielce
Piotr Konefał as Developer, Kielce
Piotr Wesołowski as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Michał Pluta as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Irek Róg as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Adam Tadeusz Szałapski as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Ernest Kowalczyk as Frontend Coder, Kielce
Katarzyna Kościelecka as Talent Manager, Kielce
Mathilde Sabouraud as Account Executive, London

…we’re going to need a bigger office at this rate!

Interested in Joining Nitro?

We’re hiring for a wide range of positions in Kielce and London. Interested in joining us? Get in touch here!

With all the above considered, could 2016 be our busiest year yet? We hope so!