Experience Programme

Lilly launched Strattera (atomoxetine) for ADHD in adults across the EU in 2013. Unlike many other ADHD treatments, the clinical effects of Strattera take longer to develop. Lilly wanted to create an experience programme that would enable psychiatrists to set the right treatment expectations, safeguarding optimal first experiences of Strattera for both patient and physician.

We designed an experience programme that would support behavioural changes in ADHD patients. To understand the business needs of the programme, we created user personas based on user testing with patients, parents of patients and healthcare professionals in the UK.

The Strattera Experience Programme was successfully launched in the EU (UK, Sweden and Denmark) and continues to empower patients and support healthcare professionals in the management of ADHD.

We also produced an iPad app sales aid and materials to support the Strattera launch. Tracking and reporting of the experience programme are still to be completed and will be shared at a later date.