Digital Landscaping

What is digital landscaping?

The ‘digital landscape’ refers to the online market you’re competing in. In order to launch a successful digital strategy, you need to understand what your competitors are doing online. To present that information, we offer an in-depth report on the following aspects:

Competitor Landscaping: Your competitor’s digital assets, marketing tactics and campaigns to help you retain and grow your market share

Therapy Area Landscaping: What pharma branded and third party content your customers are using, how they are searching for that content online, and what content and keywords each target group is using (HCPs, nurses, media, patients etc.)

Congress & Conference Landscaping: A digital analysis of major conferences for your therapy area, learn about the influencers and hot topics, get insight into what social content is working and find information on key initiatives your competitors are doing at events

Why do I need digital landscaping?

Doing your research before you invest valuable time and money into building a website or launching a social media campaign is a crucial part of the planning process. Knowing what areas of the market to avoid and which to focus on will save you time and money in the long run. This insight into where your competitors are succeeding, failing and missing out will highlight significant opportunities for you.

Why Nitro?

We are constantly monitoring pharma companies’ behaviour online and can tailor this data to provide you with an informed base to build your digital strategy on. We will take this time-consuming analysis off your plate and present you with a clear and in-depth report so that you know exactly which areas to focus your energy.